Mental health programme: Thrive Bristol

Mental health programme: Thrive Bristol

Thrive Bristol, a mental health and wellbeing programme for all ages.

Thrive Bristol is a 10 year programme to improve the mental health and wellbeing of everyone in Bristol, with a focus on those with the greatest needs.

It covers all ages and considers mental health in its broadest sense. It ranges from plans to improve the whole population’s wellbeing to interventions for people experiencing mental illness.

Thrive’s focus and approach

‘Thrive’ focuses on prevention and early intervention and works by using public, private and third sector cooperation and leadership (and resources) across Bristol.

Marmot Review (2010) on health inequalities which called on us to address the social causes of health and the ‘causes of the causes’.

The main themes of Thrive are:

  • Thriving at Work
  • Time to Change Bristol 
  • Mental health awareness training
  • Children and Young People’s Mental Health 
  • Student Mental Health 
  • Housing, Homelessness and Mental Health 
  • Community approaches to mental health 
  • Arts and Mental Health 

Thriving at Work

We've signed the Mental Health at Work Commitment on behalf of Bristol. Find out more in this video featuring Deputy Mayor Cllr Asher Craig.

Our Mental Health and work report (pdf, 1.2MB) (opens new window) shares Bristol employers' experiences of dealing with workplace mental health issues.

Learn more about Thrive

You can learn more about Thrive Bristol by reading our programme documents:

Thriving at Work Bristol event: 4 November 2019

On the 4 November we held a conference for organisations across the south west of England.

To see the slides from the conference download our 4 November Thrive Conference presentations document (pdf, 1.9MB) (opens new window) .

Time to Change local hub

As part of the programme, we’ll host a Time to Change Bristol hub in partnership with Bristol Anti Stigma Alliance (BASA).

For more information see our Time to Change news release.

This hub supports the aims for Bristol to become a city free from mental health stigma and discrimination.

Bristol City Council signed the Time to Change Employer Pledge in February 2019.