70th Anniversary: Bordeaux and Hannover

Events to celebrate our 70th anniversary of twinning with Bordeaux and Hannover.

This year we're celebrating the 70th anniversary of our twinnings with both Bordeaux and Hannover.

Our French and German colleagues are also organising special events and exchanges to mark this important occasion.

We're planning a series of cultural, educational and commercial events throughout the year many of which are free to attend.

Some of the events in 2017 include:

  • the launch reception at MShed on 20 January
  • the national conference on twinning with Germany on 12 May
  • the Big Party at the Zoo on 23 June
  • the Business Summit on 19 October
  • the end of year Banquet 23 November

There's also a range of community based events and more will be added to the special Bristol Hannover Bordeaux 70 website during the year.

Come and join us to mark this special year.