Bristol Future Parks

Bristol Future Parks

What the Bristol Future Parks project is, why we need to look at new ways to manage parks, and who can get involved.

What the Bristol Future Parks project is

We’re working with the National Trust (who are funding this project alongside Heritage Fund and the Ministry for Housing and Local Government) to look at how Bristol parks and green spaces could be run in the future.

The project will find ways to protect and improve public parks and green spaces by creating partnerships with:

  • community groups and volunteers
  • sports clubs
  • businesses

The project isn’t a way of selling off parks. We want to work with a wide range of partners to make sure there’s enough money to maintain and improve our parks.

Aims of the project

We want parks and green spaces to be:

  • free to use
  • safe, welcoming, and accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities
  • places where people can improve their health and wellbeing
  • funded well enough so that we can improve them
  • available for local people and communities to get involved in
  • available for suitable business to offer activities in

The project shares some of the aims of the One City Plan, which includes environmental goals for Bristol to:

  • become a carbon neutral city
  • be rich in wildlife
  • have a healthy natural environment that everyone can enjoy

Why we need to look for new ways to run parks

We’re legally obliged to run certain services, such as schools, social care, recycling and bin collections.

Providing and maintaining parks and green spaces isn’t a service we’re legally obliged to run. However, we know that parks are important to the people of Bristol.

Maintaining and investing in green spaces is getting more difficult as our budget becomes smaller.

For this reason, we need to come up with ways for Bristol parks and green spaces to make more money that can be invested back into parks.

Who can get involved

To rethink how we run parks, we want to work with:

  • the people who use our parks
  • local communities
  • sport clubs
  • public sector organisations
  • businesses
  • national and international partners

Get more information

Within the next few months, we’re launching a website for the Bristol Future Parks project.

We’ll be asking you to share your ideas on how we can work together to:

  • help everyone in Bristol enjoy the parks
  • get different Bristol communities involved with the parks
  • use the parks in new ways, for example with wildlife walks or adventure trails
  • protect the parks and the environment in our city

On the Bristol Future Parks website you’ll be able to:

  • find out about each of Bristol’s green spaces and how people use them
  • give us your ideas on how you’d like to take part, fund, maintain and develop a Bristol park