Dew Pond fence in Stoke Park

Dew Pond fence in Stoke Park

Information on the pond fence in Stoke Park.

A fence will be put up along the west side of the Dew Pond in Stoke Park. 

The fence is to protect the pond’s breeding population of great crested newts from being disturbed, mainly by dogs. If the newts are disturbed then they could be lost from Stoke Park.

The great crested newt is a European Protected Species and we have a legal duty to protect them.

We’ve worked with an expert ecologist to make sure our design and solution protects the newts.

The Dew Pond fence

The fence has been designed in a heritage style to keep with status of Stoke Park.

The ecologist has supervised the fence being put in to make sure the newts are protected and has given advice on painting it.   

The fence will be painted black as soon as the weather is suitable. The fence contractor advised that it’s best to paint the fence on site.

Fence location

The fence has only been built on the west side of the pond. 

This is so the newts can move freely from the pond to their neighbouring habitat. The dense bramble and scrub on the eastern side of the pond will be enough to prevent dogs getting to the pond.