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  •  You must submit your application at least three working days before the first date of commencement.
  •  If a suspension or dispensation is no longer needed you must email at least 24 hours before the start date and time, failure to do so will result in you still being charged.
  •  Suspensions or dispensation applications will not be approved for private vehicles (cars), if an application is made with false information then regardless of whether permission has been granted, a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued for the restriction on which the vehicle is parked.
  •  Suspensions of designated parking bays within a road closure are to be paid for.
  •  You must clearly give the precise location you wish the bays to be suspended.
  •  Any parking cones that are not returned may be added to the final bill.
Suspension of bays
  •  All pay and display are calculated at five metres each.
  •  Applicants requiring the use of a larger vehicle i.e. more than five metres must state the precise measurements of the vehicle, you must apply for a sufficient amount of bays to allow easy manoeuvre.  
  •   Pay and Display machines must not be obstructed or covered when a suspension is in place so other motorists can still access it.
  •  Any Pay and Display machine that is removed without prior notification or authorisation will be classed as theft.      
  •  The cost to repair or replace any Pay and Display machine that is damaged by the applicant or its contractors and client will be added to the final bill.
  •  The applicant is responsible for ensuring that sufficient bays have been applied for, vehicles parked in any bays other than those applied for will be liable for a Penalty Charge Notice unless a valid pay and display ticket is purchased and clearly displayed (the machines state the maximum parking time).                                                               
  •  We reserve the right to amend or alter an application where the appropriate numbers of bays have not been applied for.
Dispensation of unrestricted highway or yellow lines.   
  •  A vehicle length for the coning for lines or unrestricted highway is calculated at five metres.
  •  Vehicles must be essential for the work being completed i.e. machinery required is attached to the vehicle, or it is being used to store hazardous chemicals or glass. Any tools or equipment that is required for a job should be unloaded and stored on-site. Dispensation will not be granted for convenient parking or for vehicles that are not essential
  •  Neither the police nor Bristol City Council has any powers of enforcement after the cones are placed. They are advisory only. The placement of cones does not guarantee the area will clear of vehicles, payment will still be required if the cones are moved after placement and the coned area cannot be used effectively.
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We’ll send you an invoice for the whole cost after the start date of your request.
The invoice will have details of how to pay.

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