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Working with communities

We are committed to supporting local people who would like to get more involved in their local parks and green spaces.

By working with communities we are likely to achieve a greater understanding of what local people want from their local park or green space, projects in parks will be more successful and sustainable, and there will be more opportunities to make a real difference to our urban environment.

Community park groups

There are around 30 community park groups in Bristol which work to improve a park or green space in their area. Each is unique with different aims and interests.

Community park groups successfully raise funds for new park facilities and play equipment, improve parks and green space for the benefit of wildlife, hold fun days and other events, and lead guided walks and talks.

By starting an organised group, local communities are able to get a quicker and more proactive response from local service providers and agencies, such as providers of funding, the council, and the police. 

Community Action Toolkit

To encourage communities wanting to improve their local parks and green spaces we have produced a Community Action Toolkit. This toolkit is particularly aimed at those who want to work with other local people to improve green spaces by forming a 'community park group'. It includes useful information and advice to help you establish a park group and to help you with the way the council works. The toolkit refers to a series of guidance sheets to save you time and effort in carrying out the tasks that are most common for any park action group.

Download: Community Action Toolkit

Applying for grant funding (pdf, 75 KB) (opens new window)

Bristol media contact list (pdf, 41 KB) (opens new window)

How to be a chairperson (pdf, 37 KB) (opens new window)

How to be a secretary (pdf, 44 KB) (opens new window)

How to be a treasurer (pdf, 35 KB) (opens new window)

How to open a bank account (pdf, 57 KB) (opens new window)

How to give radio interviews (pdf, 46 KB) (opens new window)

Sample survey form (msword, 26 KB) (opens new window)

Tips for conservation work (pdf, 44 KB) (opens new window)

Tips for press releases (pdf, 49 KB) (opens new window)

Health and Safety

It is important that people working voluntarily in the city's parks and estates keep themselves and others safe. We have produced a pack to make sure people know what is expected of them and how they can meet health and safety requirements. There is also a pack that includes the procedures and forms volunteers will need.

Health and Safety support pack (pdf, 0.9 MB) (opens new window)
Health and Safety forms (pdf, 363 KB) (opens new window)

Bristol Parks Forum

Parks and Estates has established the Bristol Parks Forum, an organisation for around 80 community park groups and organisations in the city with an interest in their local parks and green spaces and a desire to improve them.

The forum:

  • meets four times a year, and holds an annual conference
  • publishes a newsletter
  • offers free membership
  • always welcomes new community park groups and similar organisations with an interest in protecting and enhancing green space

Contact us

If you are interested in:

  • organising a community activity in a park or green space
  • starting a community park group that can work to improve your local park or green space
  • finding out if there is already a local community park group near you

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