Logo design opportunity for our children in care awards

Logo design opportunity for our children in care awards

How to take part in the chance to create two logos for our children and young people in care awards.

We’re looking for a local street artist to work with us on our children in care and care leaver awards.

The names of the awards are: 

  • EPIC Awards for children in care
  • STARS of Bristol Awards for care leavers

Designs for both awards should be different but look like they’re part of the same family.

We want a strong image that young people from each age group will identify with, something inspired by Bristol and the fantastic street art the city is known for. 

Your submission 

Submission deadline is: Monday 30 April 2018

Your ideas can either be written or drawn to show your approach to designing the logos. Provide some examples of your work to support your submission.

The final design we’re looking for will need to be:

  • simple:  two or three colours maximum 
  • easily reproduced in black and white 
  • easy to convert into a digital image if designed on paper
  • landscape or even sided rather than portrait size
  • all your own work

If your submission is chosen then you’ll be commissioned to design the awards logos.

Send your submission to 

Or by post to: 

Epic Awards Team 
Bristol City Council 
Corporate Communications (City Hall) 
PO Box 3176 
Bristol BS3 9FS 

If you have any questions email or call 0117 357 4359.

The chosen submission

If your idea is chosen:

  • You’ll receive up to £500 (including materials) depending on the amount of work needed
  • Your work will be seen by a wide range of people and organisations across the city 
  • Acknowledgement in the awards event programme
  • Mentions on Bristol City Council website, Bristol fostering social media channels and press releases

How will we choose

Submissions will be evaluated by a panel in May 2018. The chosen artist will be notified at the end of May.

The panel will have representatives from the children in care council and young people leaving care.

Your final artwork must be finished in June. The logo will first appear on the invitations to award nominees in July.

What we expect from the commissioned artist

If we commission your work you’ll need to:

  • Agree the final fee with us
  • Complete any further work of your ideas
  • Provide us with a digital version of your work ideally a vector EPS file but a jpeg will be fine
  • Paint your artwork on a wall chosen by us
  • Give us the rights to use the artwork for anything connected to the awards and any other materials used for children in care and care leavers

Information on the awards

Children in care: EPIC award

This award is for children in care who are 5 to 18 years old. EPIC stands for:

  • Exceptional 
  • People 
  • In 
  • Care 

We held the EPIC Awards for the first time in 2017.

Care leavers: STARS of Bristol award

This new award is for young people who are 18 to 25 years old and who are leaving care. STARS stands for:

  • Strong 
  • Talented 
  • Awesome 
  • Rollercoaster 
  • Survivors