Outdoor event site permissions

How to apply for site permissions

You will need permission from us to hold an outdoor event on council land. 

There are terms and conditions to the permissions agreement, this ensures that the event will be safely managed.

Apply for event permissions online

Application fees and hire charges

For costs see our application fees and hire charges schedule (pdf, 40k) (opens new window)

What happens next?

Once you submit your application, we will speak with other council services and organisation such as the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services. When everyone is satisfied that your event will be safe and well managed, your permissions application can go forward for approval.

City centre marketing events

If you want to run a promotion, or hold a marketing event in the city centre, book an event in a city centre space.

How we can help you with your event

  • We can give you advice and guidance on how to plan an event.
    See Toolkit - helpful guide on our event app.
  • We can check park availability for you and diarise your event to avoid you losing your preferred dates
  • We will liaise with the emergency services and other council departments to make the process easier for you
  • We will arrange multi-agency meetings and site visits where necessary
  • We work with you to make sure that your event taking place on council land is safe for the event staff and visitors
  • We can give guidance on the areas you need to letter drop to ensure local businesses and residents are informed of your event
  • We will be upfront about site hire fees and associated costs

Ashton Court Mansion and its surrounding grounds 

Please refer to the Ashton Court Mansion pages for details about holding events at this location.

Top tips

  • Start your planning early
  • Don't take on all the organising - share out responsibility
  • Visit the site - it can really help you plan ahead and spot potential issues.
  • Remember to include: risk assessment, site map, lost children steward details, first aid provision

Contact information

Site Permissions Team

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

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Bristol, BS8 1RL

Opening Hours

Email: site.permissions@bristol.gov.uk

Tel: 0117 903 7728