What you can and can't do in our parks and green spaces

On 28 April 2017, byelaws (pdf, 450k) (opens new window) came into force in 357 of our parks and green spaces. Some activities are allowed in all spaces, some aren't allowed and some you need permission for.

What you need permission for

You must ask us for permission before doing any of these activities:

  • camping
  • lighting fires
  • letting animals graze
  • putting up structures, such as buildings, barriers, posts, rides or swings, this doesn't apply to gazebos or day tents
  • putting on entertainment, shows or performances
  • parking overnight, between 10pm and 6am
  • taking off or landing aircraft, hot air balloons, helicopters or hang gliders
  • providing a service that you charge for, such as, running a forest school or providing fitness instruction
Apply for permission


Barbeques (BBQs)

You can have a BBQ in any park or green space, except Troopers Hill and parts of Brandon Hill (pdf, 332k) (opens new window) . You must not have the BBQ in a children's play area. The BBQ must be:

  • shop bought, not home-made
  • placed on the ground, not on park furniture
  • on legs, so the grass isn't burnt
  • watched when lit
  • cold before it's put in a rubbish bin

You must put all litter in a rubbish bin or take it home with you.

Open fires aren't allowed.


You can fish with a line or net in all lakes and rivers, in and next to all parks and green spaces, except St George Park.

Flying model aircraft, including drones

In the parks and spaces (pdf, 208k) (opens new window) covered by these byelaws, you can only fly powered model aircraft, including drones, in part of:

Maps showing where you can fly model aircraft (pdf, 1.2MB) (opens new window)

The model aircraft must weigh 7kg or less, without its fuel. The person flying the aircraft must be a member of the British Model Flying Association and have public liability insurance.

Horse riding

You can ride a horse in any green space that is bigger than four hectares (approx. 10 acres) or where any lawful rights or privileges exist. There are also two riding routes at Wickham Glen and Meadowsweet Open Spaces, near Eastville Park.


You can only play golf on the golf courses at Ashton Court Estate.

Letting dogs off leads

You can let your dog off its lead in parks and green spaces which are exempt from the Dog Control Public Space Protection Order. (pdf, 135k) (opens new window)

Plants and wildlife

You can pick parts of edible plants and wild fruit, such as blackberries, in any park or green space. You can't remove whole plants, shrubs, trees, soil or turf. You can't walk, ride or drive over any flower bed, shrub or plant.

Outdoor event

You'll need site permission to hold an outdoor event on council land.

If you want to carry out an activity at your event, you must include it in your application. This includes archery or field sports, such as javelin or discus throwing.

Breaking a byelaw

Report someone breaking a byelaw

Police and Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and council officers will also check on parks and green spaces. If they see someone breaking a byelaw they'll be asked to stop. If they continue they might be removed from the area and can be fined up to £500.

The Downs

These byelaws don't cover The Downs, which have their own byelaws.