Changes in Neighbourhood Partnerships

What's changing with Neighbourhood Partnerships, Neighbourhood Forums, how you can get involved and share your ideas.

Neighbourhood Partnerships have now been formally closed. 

There will be no budgets for 2018 and 2019 to continue them.

The Neighbourhood Partnerships will be replaced by community led local action.

Visit your former Neighbourhood Partnership page for information on what community-led arrangements are in place in your area.

Support for community groups

We’ve been working with communities so that they can continue to have a voice and influence local decisions.

The Building Stronger Communities (pdf, 470k) (opens new window) document lists:

  • what support has been given to local groups
  • possible future support
  • instructions on finding local community notice boards in Bristol

Our Community Spaces Checklist (pdf, 130k) (opens new window) will help organisations running community spaces to make them as welcoming and inclusive as possible.

Background to closing the Neighbourhood Partnerships

The decision to close the Neighbourhood Partnerships was made on 4 December 2017 by the Bristol City Council Cabinet.

The Cabinet approved a report which formally closed Neighbourhood Partnerships. The report also recommended the moves towards community led local action.

Recommendations about future funding for community spaces, small grants for local projects and the community infrastructure levy (CIL) were also agreed.

Small grants for local community projects consultation

On 4 December 2017 the Cabinet accepted the option put forward, following the Neighbourhoods consultation, to make £257k available for small grants for local community projects. 

These grants would be available for local councillors and members of the community to allocate jointly to local projects, for example, to fund sports equipment or community events.

This proposal is now being reviewed in the context of the need for further savings.