Neighbourhood charter

The charter contains information on the services that we provide to your local area.

The Neighbourhood Charter

The Neighbourhood Charter is currently being updated.

This is because the Neighbourhood Partnerships (NP) have ended, and new community-led arrangements are being put in place. 

See our Changes in Neighbourhood Partnership page for information on these changes.

This version is the most recently released version prior to NPs ending.

Our Neighbourhood Charter (pdf, 1.2MB) (opens new window) sets out:

  • the services that we and other organisations provide in your local area
  • what you can expect from these services
  • how you can influence what is delivered
  • what you can do to help make your neighbourhood better

The charter also includes a contact list and helpful information about how to report things you may be concerned about.

Support from the Neighbourhood Management Service

We were here to support Neighbourhood Partnerships (NP).

Since NPs have ended we're providing some support to help establish new community-led alternative arrangements for the future.

Find out what is happening where you live by checking your former neighbourhood partnership area's page.

Find out who covers your area by checking your neighbourhood partnership's page or looking at one of our maps. If you don't know what ward you're in you can use our ward finder.