Neighbourhood partnership toolkit and charter

Our toolkit has help and advice for Neighbourhood Partnerships (NP) and the charter contains information on the services that we provide to your local area.

The Neighbourhood Charter

Our Neighbourhood Charter (pdf, 1.2MB) (opens new window) sets out:

  • the services that we and other organisations provide in your local area
  • what you can expect from these services
  • how you can influence what is delivered
  • what you can do to help make your neighbourhood better

The charter also includes a contact list and helpful information about how to report things you may be concerned about.

The Neighbourhood Partnership toolkit

The toolkit has help and advice for Neighbourhood Partnerships (NP). You can find examples of standard documents and processes.

There's background information for NPs, sample documents you can use, case studies and examples of successful practice.

The toolkit has been designed by residents and council officers. Neighbourhood partnership staff can support NPs to use it.

General information about neighbourhood partnerships

  1. What is a neighbourhood partnership? (pdf, 75k) (opens new window)
  2. The vision and functions of NPs (pdf, 82k) (opens new window)
  3. Things that make a good NP work well (pdf, 79k) (opens new window)
  4. Neighbourhood partnerships FAQs (pdf, 162k) (opens new window)
  5. Changes to Neighbourhood Partnership Boundaries
  6. What is Bristol City Council, how does it work and where do Neighbourhood Partnerships fit in? (pdf, 366k) (opens new window)

There is also space in the toolkit for individual neighbourhood partnerships to add any additional functions that they have or can deliver.

For example, in Henleaze, Stoke Bishop and Westbury-on-Trym the NP has an older people's working group which raises funds and delivers outings and events for isolated older residents.

Listen to a pod cast about neighbourhood partnerships

Listen to the pod cast on the Ujima Radio website .

Neighbourhood Partnership members talk about Neighbourhood Partnerships and the work they do. Recorded on the 24 October 2015 at the City Wide Neighbourhood Partnership Conference.

Information for neighbourhood partnership members

The roles of the councillors and council officers will be common to all parnerships. The roles of statutory bodies, partners and residents will be decided locally.

  1. Role of councillors and resident NP members (pdf, 75k) (opens new window)
  2. Role of the NP chair (pdf, 79k) (opens new window)
  3. Role of officers and other statutory bodies (pdf, 80k) (opens new window)
  4. Statistical data and maps for Bristol's neighbourhoods
  5. Equalities report 2016 (pdf, 769k) (opens new window)

Each neighbourhood partnership will decide on the roles and responsibilities for its members, and officers. For example, there will be a chair and vice chair, but some NPs may also want to have a treasurer.  

Members will be expected to read paperwork before a meeting. Each NP may expect different things from its members, depending on how they work. 

For example, in Henleaze Stoke Bishop and Westbury-on-Trym NP members are expected to plan and deliver the forums, and chair one of the working groups. This may not happen in other NPs.

Local information can be found on each neighbourhood partnership's webpage.

Information about running neighbourhood partnerships

Some governance arrangements are standard across the city, such as the neighbourhood committee terms of reference and the code of conduct. Some have scope for local development. 

  1. Neighbourhood partnerships terms of reference (pdf, 215k) (opens new window) Each NP has its own version
  2. Neighbourhood committee terms of reference (pdf, 98k) (opens new window)
    This is standard for all NPs
  3. Code of conduct (pdf, 262k) (opens new window)
    This is standard for all NPs
  4. Selection of NP members including examples and election tool kit (pdf, 137k) (opens new window)
  5. Setting the NP agenda and running the meetings (pdf, 99k) (opens new window)

Support from the Neighbourhood Management Service

We're here to support NPs.

Find out who covers your area by checking your neighbourhood partnership's page or looking at one of our maps. If you don't know what ward you're in, you can use our ward finder.


Map to see who covers north Bristol (pdf, 311k) (opens new window)

This area includes:

  • Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston
  • Henbury, Brentry and Southmead
  • Horfield and Lockleaze
  • Bishopston, Cotham and Redland

Central and East 

Map to see who covers central and east Bristol (pdf, 338k) (opens new window)

This area includes:

  • Central, Clifton and Harbourside
  • Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill
  • St George
  • Greater Fishponds


Map to see who covers south Bristol (pdf, 423k) (opens new window)

  • Greater Bedminster
  • Dundry View
  • Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill
  • Greater Brislington
  • Stockwood, Hengrove and Whitchurch

Neighbourhood management performance reports

Quarter 1 report

Quarter 1 April to June 2016 (pdf, 720k) (opens new window)

Quarter 1 supporting document: Street scene enforcement performance by neighbourhood partnerships. (spreadsheet, 22k) (opens new window)

Quarter 2 report

Quarter 2 July to September 2016 (pdf, 1.4MB) (opens new window)

Quarter 3 report

Quarter 3 October to December 2016 (pdf, 1.7MB) (opens new window)

Quarter 4 report

Quarter 4 January to March 2017 (pdf, 1.2MB) (opens new window)