Business and customer permits: resident's parking scheme (RPS)

Business and customer permits: resident's parking scheme (RPS)

If your business has a premises in an RPS area, you can apply for business and customer permits.

Business permits

Business permits are for operational vehicles that are insured for business use.

You can have two vehicles on each permit so you can swap the permit between the vehicles. It will only cover one vehicle at a time.

Customer permits

Customer permits can be used by any vehicle.

How many permits you can get

Businesses can apply for up to seven permits. This is different for Clifton Village.

You can get any combination of business and customer permits, up to seven in total.

Get business and customer permits

There are different application forms depending on where your business is located.

If you don't know which area you're in, enter your postcode and select your address on our My Neighbourhood service.

You can upload a digital copy of the form to return it to us rather than post it.

Cost of permits

Business permits in Clifton Village and Easton and St Philips are different. For all other areas:

  • business permits are £240 a year
  • customer permits are £250 a year

Businesses in receipt of small business rate relief, based on a rateable value of less than £12,001, can get a discount:

  • Discounted business permit: £140 a year
  • Discounted customer permit: £150 a year

Paying quarterly

If you pay by quarterly instalments we'll send you a permit that lasts for three months. We'll send your new one once we get your next payment.

You can pay:

Renew your business and customer permits

You'll need to complete and submit an application form three weeks before your permit expires.