Schools, community groups and landlords

Schools, community groups and landlords

Schools, faith venues and community organisations

Schools, faith venues (places of worship) and community organisations in residents' parking areas can apply for up to seven permits. This is different for Clifton Village.

Cost of permits

  • Business permit: £240 a year
  • Customer permit: £250 a year

Schools, charities and faith venues in receipt of small business rate relief, based on a rateable value of less than £12,001, can get a discount:

  • Discounted business permit: £140 a year
  • Discounted customer permit: £150 a year

Get permits

You can upload a digital copy of the form to return it to us rather than post it.

Teachers parking in residents' parking areas

If you're a peripatetic teacher visiting students in their homes you can:

  • use pay display and shared spaces and park for up to three hours
  • ask for a visitors' permit
  • use off-street parking if this is available. 

If you're teaching at schools and other organisations you should speak to your employer about their off-street parking or customer permits. You can also use pay and display for up to three hours.


If you're the owner or landlord of properties within the parking scheme area, you can apply for:

  • one business permit for every ten properties that you own
  • a maximum of ten permits for 100 properties.

Each permit will cost £240.

If you own properties in more than one parking scheme area you can add other areas to the permit - but only areas where you have properties.

If you own more properties than this, you can apply for an extra business permit for every 100 properties. There is currently no limit to the number of permits that can be issued.

Get landlord permit

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