Community funding for young people - Transformers

Are you a young person or a group of young people with a good idea of how to solve problems or make life better in your local area?

Transformers aims to encourage you to improve your local community. You or your group could use up to £1000 to make a difference.

Transformers and Neighbourhood Partnerships

All new Transformers fund applications are now part of the ‘Wellbeing Grants’ which is managed by Neighbourhood Partnerships

If you would like to apply or have queries regarding this please contact your local Neighbourhood Partnership

The criteria below still applies. Each Neighbourhood Partnership will judge each application in line with priorities laid out in their plan.

Who can apply?

  • The project must be lead by a young person (up to age 19) from a school or youth organisation based in the City of Bristol.
  • The young person/people applying must have the support of an adult.

Criteria for projects

Your application should show how your project would benefit your local community in at least one of the following ways:

  • Make your community safer
  • Make your community cleaner or green
  • Improve the image of your community
  • Improve the image of your youth group or school
  • Help you and other young people interact with others in their community (eg residents, older people, people from different cultures in your area).

How to apply

Contact your local Neighbourhood Partnership and ask about applying for a Transformers grant as part of the Wellbeing Grant.

Deadlines to submit applications

The deadlines for application will be the same as for the Wellbeing grant deadlines for each individual Neighbourhood Partnership.

For more information see our grants page.

Get in touch

Contact your local Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator. Details are on each Neighbourhood Partnership page.

You can also see the NP toolkit which has maps of which officer(s) cover each partnership area (see the ‘Support from the Neighbourhood Management Service’ section).