Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership

Get involved with decision making at a local level in Dundry View.

Neighbourhood Partnerships bring public sector decision making to a local level, where residents can influence how they'd like to see their neighbourhood improve.

They meet regularly and bring together local councillors, neighbourhood Police teams, community groups and local residents to shape services such as:

  • street cleaning
  • park maintenance
  • local recycling schemes
  • highway maintenance
  • community safety

Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership covers the wards of Bishopsworth and Hartcliffe and Withywood.

This includes the local communities of:

  • Bedminster Down
  • Bishopsworth
  • Hartcliffe
  • Headley Park
  • Highridge
  • Uplands
  • Withywood

Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership is delivered in partnership between Bristol City Council and Hartcliffe and Withywood Community Partnership.

This is a positive thing for local residents as there is local knowledge and local access to staff, working in the @Symes Community Building opposite Morrisons.


Map of the area covered by the Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership.

Local priorities

A vibrant environment: Well used and managed parks, clean and safe streets and public spaces and be a more sustainable community.

Keep Dundry View moving: A place where roads and pavements are well maintained encouraging safe walking, cycling and driving.

A safe and empowered community: A place where we have low crime and antisocial behaviour, victims are supported and residents empowered to take action.

Keep working and learning: Improve training and work opportunities for people locally and encourage business to play a role in the local community.

Build a successful Dundry View: Improve local facilities by increasing accessibility. Work with the community to get best value from any local community asset transfer, or any future development of open spaces and public areas.

Healthy and caring Dundry View: Promote and support activities that improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of residents.

Active citizenship, addressing inequality and empowerment of local people: Nurture a community which brings people together, increases volunteering and has inclusive participation at all levels.

Major projects: Influence new developments and keep residents informed about projects which impact on Dundry View.

Dundry View CATT bus submission (pdf, 8k) (opens new window)

Neighbourhood Partnership meetings

You can see when our next meetings are and look at agendas and minutes from meetings.

Neighbourhood Forum meetings

A Neighbourhood Forum is a public meeting that covers the ward you live in. It’s the place to go if you'd like to raise any concerns or find out what's happening in your community.

You can meet local officers or your ward Councillors and have a chance to influence public consultations and decisions made by the Neighbourhood Partnership.

Neighbourhood Forums take place in most Neighbourhood Partnership areas. There's usually one Neighbourhood Forum per ward in the Neighbourhood Partnership area.

For forum meetings please visit the Neighbourhood Forums page.

Highway budget for Neighbourhood Partnerships

Council funding is given to Neighbourhood Partnerships for local traffic schemes.

The Traffic Choices website is a resource developed to help partnerships spend their money, track current activity, and explain the process. 


Full list of members of Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership.


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