Equalities organisations we work with

Equalities organisations we work with

 Organisations outside the council who we work with

We work with a number of organisations and projects to engage with equality groups in Bristol.

Our equalities policy and strategy is put into action by working with these groups.

Bristol Equality Charter        

The Bristol Equality Charter will be launched in November 2018. It's a city-wide initiative that invites groups to make a public commitment to improving equality in the city.

The charter will have objectives to help make Bristol be a place where people:

  • feel safer
  • feels like they belong
  • feel like they have a voice
  • have equal opportunities to succeed 

For more information contact equalities.team@bristol.gov.uk 

Voice and Influence Partnership

The Voice and Influence Partnership is a project that asks Bristol’s residents for their views on campaigns, events and local policies.

The Partnership is funded by Bristol City Council and includes:

‘Stepping Up’ Programme  

Stepping Up programme intends to increase, over one to three years, the number of individuals from BME backgrounds in positions of influence and power.

The programme does this through a variety of ways, such as mentoring and coaching.


Accessable is an organisation which publishes accessibility details of places of interest all over the UK and the Republic of Ireland. 

Bristol Physical Access Chain 

Bristol Physical Access Chain is a group  who volunteer their time to improve the quality of life for all people in Bristol, and in particular disabled people.

They work with us, building owners, developers and service providers, within the private and public sector, to promote and improve access for disabled people within the built environment. 

To contact or join the Bristol Physical Access Chain contact equalities.team@bristol.gov.uk 

Bristol Women’s Commission 

The Bristol Women’s Commission  was created because of the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life. The Bristol Women’s Commission helps to measure how well Bristol is doing in meeting the obligations set out in the Charter. 

Bristol Race Equality Commission 

The Commission for Race Equality (CORE)was formed at the beginning of 2018, with help from Bristol Manifesto for Race Equality and Bristol BME Voice.

They look at issues relating to race equality in Bristol. 

British Sign Language Charter 

The British Sign Language Charter aims to remove discrimination against local deaf communities through a number of pledges.

Bristol City Council was the first local authority to sign the Charter in 2003.

Tackling Hate Crime and building good relations

Bristol Hate Crime and Discrimination Services is a partnership commissioned by Bristol City Council to

  • support victims of hate crime
  • tackle hate crime 
  • build good relations in the city