Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill Neighbourhood Partnership

Get involved with decision making at a local level in Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill.

The Neighbourhood Partnership membership consists of:

  • six ward Councillors
  • resident representatives from the three wards
  • representatives from key agencies, such as the Police and NHS Bristol

The partnership meetings rotate between the wards. The chair is drawn from one of the ward councillors where the meeting is held.


Map of the area covered by the Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill Neighbourhood Partnership.


The priorities for the Neighbourhood Partnership are:

  • safe, clean and well managed parks, roads, pavements and open spaces
  • improve the highways, traffic and transport across the Partnership
  • improve the life experiences of families, younger and older people
  • increase employment opportunities, the growth of enterprises and the development of individuals
  • ensure local community buildings are supported to benefit the local communities and neighbourhoods
  • improve health and wellbeing across the Partnership
  • work towards all members of the community having an opportunity to fulfil their potential
  • ensure housing, planning and major projects reflect the needs of current and future residents

These priorities are listed in full in the Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill action plan (pdf, 185k) (opens new window)

Partnership meetings

You can see when our next meetings are and look at agendas and minutes from meetings.

Neighbourhood Forum meetings

A Neighbourhood Forum is a public meeting that covers the ward you live in.

It’s the place to go if you would like to raise any concerns or find out what's happening in your community. You can meet local officers or your ward Councillors, and have a chance to influence public consultations and decisions made by the Neighbourhood Partnership.

Neighbourhood Forums take place in most Neighbourhood Partnership areas. There's usually one Neighbourhood Forum per ward in the Neighbourhood Partnership area.

For forum meetings visit the Neighbourhood Forums page.

Highway budget for Neighbourhood Partnerships

Council funding is given to Neighbourhood Partnerships for local traffic schemes.

The Traffic Choices website is a resource developed to help partnerships spend their money, track current activity, and explain the process. 


Full list of members of Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill Neighbourhood Partnership.