Greater Bedminster Community Partnership

Get involved with decision making at a local level in Greater Bedminster.

The Greater Bedminster Community Partnership is made up of the two Bristol wards of Southville and Bedminster.

It includes:

  • local councillors
  • voluntary and community organisations
  • private businesses
  • public agencies

The partnership will:

  • bring benefit to people living in the area
  • encourage greater cooperation, and effectiveness between private, public and social economy organisations
  • offer increased opportunities for residents to influence the making and implementing of policy
  • be inclusive and vigorously oppose discrimination.


Map of the area covered by the Greater Bedminster Neighbourhood Partnership.

Community Chest Fund (Wellbeing Fund)

We allocate money from our Community Chest Fund to projects and activities that support the Partnership’s priorities and objectives.

A new Community Chest Fund application round opened in April 2016.

For more details see the Neighbourhood partnership wellbeing grants page. 

Funding for neighbourhood improvements

We’re asking for suggestions from local residents, park’s friends, or community groups about improvements to our parks, community buildings, community spaces and overall environment.

If you've got a suggestion, complete and return the neighbourhood improvement form and guidance notes (word doc, 154k) (opens new window) . Details about the application process and deadlines can be found on the guidance notes.

Improvements might include environmental improvements, improving access to community spaces, landscape changes.

We have a small amount of money to carry out this work, so we’ll not be able to do everything if we receive a lot of suggestions.

The available funds are coming from a levy imposed on developers who are carrying out developments across Bedminster and Southville wards. This levy is called either Section 106 or Community Infrastructure Levy.

If some of the suggestions can’t be funded by these levies, a full explanation will be provided by the GBCP.

Priorities and objectives

Improving the green / environment infrastructure

  • Parks Investment Plan Priority improving parks and open spaces; play, habitats, accessibility
  • Improving the quality of the street scene environment
  • Developing new play/youth facilities for Ashton Vale
  • Reviewing current provision of waste and street scene services
  • Reducing dog fouling incidents across the GBCP area

Activities to encourage people to walk, cycle or use public transport

  • Improving walking and cycling routes
  • Addressing the needs of people in communities with restricted mobility
  • Reduccing community problems created by the large numbers of cars and lorries that pass through the area 
  • Developing community led Transport Plan

To reduce crime and the fear of crime

  • Police and partners working together successfully to deal with crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Changing the perception of crime in line with actual crime levels

Local developments to meet the needs of local people

  • All developments to deliver tangible benefits for local people
  • Improving engagement in planning pre-application process

Improving the life for older/younger people and families 

  • Improving the life for older people
  • Improving the life for younger people, and achieving high quality of life indicators for children in the area

Improving the economic health of our retail streets and neighbourhoods

  • Increasing local business resilience
  • Increasing job readiness of the unemployed

A welcoming, inclusive and diverse Community Partnership for all who live, work and play in the area

  • Ensuring that the Community Partnership reflects the community it represents
  • Working to ensure accessible services and facilities across the area
  • Active residents who can influence local decision–making
  • Supporting existing community events and groups to reflect people from all equality groups and emerging communities
  • Celebrating community volunteering

High quality community buildings to meet the needs of local communities

  • Maintaining and improving community buildings / facilities (standard, numbers and availability)
  • Promoting / taking advantage of community asset transfer opportunities, right to bid etc.

Neighbourhood Plan

Our Partnership’s Neighbourhood Plan (pdf, 254k) (opens new window) (opens new windo

Updates to the Neighbourhood Partnership Plans are available in the papers for NP meetings.

Community Partnership meetings

You can see when our next meetings are and look at agendas and minutes from meetings.

Highway budget for Neighbourhood Partnerships

Council funding is given to Neighbourhood Partnerships for local traffic schemes.

The Traffic Choices website is a resource developed to help partnerships spend their money, track current activity, and explain the process. 


Full list of members of Greater Bedminster Community Partnership.

Environment sub-group

All meetings are from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at the acta Centre, Gladstone Road, Bedminster BS3 3AY:

  • 26 January 2017
  • 16 March 2017