Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership Sub-Groups

There are four sub-groups in Greater Fishponds:

  • Traffic and transport
  • Wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Planning

Although their roles vary, they all make recommendation to the Neighbourhood Partnership for decisions.

Traffic and transport

  • helps identify solutions to local traffic and transport issues
  • helps to prioritise £25,714 of the annual highways and minor traffic works for the area
  • shapes the way highways services delivers in our neighbourhood
  • monitors Traffic Section 106 spends

Active Neighbourhood Transport Grant Round 3 (pdf, 166k) (opens new window)

Improvements to Clay Bottom (pdf, 166k) (opens new window)

Clay Bottom improvement pictures (pdf, 570k) (opens new window)

Wellbeing budget

  • sub-group members help to assess applications received for the wellbeing grant devolved to the Neighbourhood Partnership.
  • monitoring the spending of annual Wellbeing Budget £30,000.

You can apply for a wellbeing grant to run projects in the local area.


  • help to identify what to spend on the devolved clean and green environment budget for the area £1,500
  • consider how we could improve local parks and open spaces
  • help to improve the way our roads are cleansed, and the area is kept tidy
  • help identify what the local needs are, and respond to improving our neighbourhood
  • monitor Area Green Investment Plan and Section 106 spends


  • help develop strategic local plan for the area
  • considers and responds to major planning consultations in the area
  • help local residents and community groups to respond to planning applications and/or consultations

Please contact us if you want to get involved in any of the subgroups.