Measuring equalities success

Equality and Community Cohesion Annual Report 2014

In March 2012 Bristol City Council agreed its new Equality Plan 2012-15 (pdf, 63 KB) (opens new window) (pdf, 64k) (opens new window) , to comply with the Equality Act 2010 requirement to publish equality objectives by 6 April 2012.

Progress against the plan is reported in the Equality Plan Annual Report 2013-14 (pdf, 1.3 MB) (opens new window) (pdf, 1.3MB) (opens new window) .

Consultation with Equalities Stakeholders

We consult at least annually with stakeholders.

  • We consult with equalities stakeholders as part of our Medium Term Financial Plan process at an annual event where service directors and elected members present their budget proposals. The feedback and cumulative impact assessment is published as part of papers to elected members. 
    Cabinet papers 26 January 2012 Agenda Item 5

We have formalised arrangements for Engaging with the Workforce (pdf, 22 KB) (opens new window) (pdf, 22k) (opens new window) regularly.