Support groups

Support groups

There are a number of groups and organisations, both local and national, that provide advice and support to different sections of the community.


Bristol Older People’s Forum is an organisation which assists in the views of older people being heard and ensuring that their views are taken on board by service providers.


WECIL is a charity which aims to assist disabled people to have choice in how they live their lives. WECIL does this through providing guidance and support to disabled people.

Gender Reassignment 

Off the Record is a mental health charity that provides young people with advice and information including gender.


Black South West Network is an organisation which researches social and economic issues in BAME communities in the South West and helps BAME people to engage with decision makers. Black South West Network vision is to the see the end of inequality and discrimination based on ethnicity or race.

Religion or belief 

Bristol Multi-faith Forum is an organisation which aims to give a voice to Bristol’s faith communities and to enable interfaith dialogue.


Bristol Women’s Voice is part of The Voice and Influence Partnership, and works to make sure the voices of women in Bristol are heard and their views help to shape decisions in Bristol.

Sexual Orientation 

LGBT Bristol challenges homophobia and transphobia in Bristol and the wider community, provides information and promotes services, events and social groups for  LGBT+ people. 

Out Bristol offers an online community and information about services and social groups for LGBT communities in Bristol.

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