What happened to Neighbourhood Partnerships

When the Neighbourhood Partnerships closed and what we're doing now

Closure of Neighbourhood Partnerships 

The decision to close the Neighbourhood Partnerships was made on 4 December 2017 by Bristol City Council Cabinet.

The Cabinet approved a report which formally closed Neighbourhood Partnerships. The report also recommended a move towards community led local action.


Cabinet also made recommendations about future funding for:

  • community spaces
  • small grants for local projects
  • the community infrastructure levy (CIL)

Formal changes will need full council approval. These are due to be looked at in April 2018.

We're now consulting on other ways to provide local grants and local decision making about the Community Infrastructure Levy which don’t need officer support.

What you can do

You can still get involved with community-led neighbourhood organisations and local decision making. You might also want to get involved with something that interests you and others locally. Visit your former Neighbourhood Partnership page for more information.

Neighbourhood Forums

Neighbourhood Forums were public meetings where residents could come to meet with each other, councillors, council and police officers. 

People worked together on ideas to improve their area and look at local concerns, as well as influence public consultations and decisions made by the Neighbourhood Partnership. 

No future council-supported meetings are planned as council support for Neighbourhood Partnerships has ended.

To find out if there's community-led action happening in your area, look at your area page.