Noise nuisance in high rise buildings

What is this about?

We want to tackle late night noise and improve the quality of life for people living in high-rise blocks in Redcliife, Barton Hill and Lawrence Hill. We are doing this by encouraging people to report late night noise. We will deal quickly with any households that cause late night noise.

Reporting noise late at night

We have an out-of-hours service to visit and investigate nuisance noise in the evenings and at night. This service is provided by two officers working as a team, covering the whole of the city. As a result in times of high demand there may be a delay in their response.

We can only provide a service for about 75% of the year, the weeks covered are chosen to respond to periods of peak demand in order to ensure the most effective service with the resources we have. Please contact the team for details of service availability 0117 922 2500.

The hours of this service are:

  • Wednesday and Thursday 7.30pm until 1am
  • Friday and Saturday 7pm until 3.30am
  • Sunday 7.30pm until midnight

The service does not run on Bank Holidays.

Call 0117 922 2050 to report noise to the Emergency Control Office who will tell the officers on duty.

During office hours contact the Pollution Control Team, see our noise pollution page for details.

Advice for people planning a party

Can I hold a party at my home?

Yes you can, but please be considerate to your neighbours’ right to reasonable peace and quiet.

How loud can I play my music? 

If you can hear the music or lyrics clearly outside your own door then it is probably too loud for your neighbours. Please turn it down.

I am planning a party, should I tell my neighbours?

Yes, we recommend that you deliver a note to your neighbours a few days before any party.

What is going to happen after 11pm?

We recommend that parties aim to end and disperse at 11pm. However if you choose to carry on, the music should be turned down to a very low level. Remember that neighbours may be disturbed by voices and laughter.