Archaeology advice and policy


The Bristol Local Plan contains policies to protect the city’s existing buildings, streetscapes and buried archaeological remains.

Advice on planning aplications

We assess new planning applications and the impact of development plans on archaeology. This may involve some site investigation before the application can be determined. To avoid having to revise design to acommodate important archaeological remains, you should talk to us early.  We welcome applications at the pre-application stage.

A Supplementary Planning Document, SPD 7, 'Archaeology and Development' (pdf, 1.5 MB) (opens new window) was adopted in 2006. This guides potential applicants on the processes for considering archaeological issues in the planning process.

Urban archaeological strategies

A strategy for the Historic Environment in Bristol, funded by English Heritage, is being produced. This will set out future direction for research and management. It will also establish important links with education, tourism and cultural and public art projects.

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Archaeology Advice and Policy

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