Bedminster Green consultations

Bedminster Green consultations

Give us your feedback about the development proposals for Bedminster Green.

We’re currently asking for feedback on:

  • the River Malago restoration proposals
  • improvements to local transport proposals

River Malago restoration

The River Malago flows through the Bedminster Green Development area.

The regeneration of the area is an opportunity to work with the community, developers and the Environment Agency to create a more natural and improved river environment.

Proposals include:

  • opening the river out and bringing it above ground: at the moment, much of the river is underground in a culvert (a pipe)
  • reducing flood risk, by providing additional flood storage capacity in the area
  • planting trees and vegetation to improve the natural environment and biodiversity
  • making the river more accessible, so that the whole community can enjoy it

Improvements to local transport

Proposed changes at Bedminster Green are an opportunity to improve walking, cycling and public transport.

At the moment, there are often congestion and public transport delays, and the area isn’t good for pedestrians of cyclists.

Proposals include:

  • better walking and cycling routes, including wider pavements and new segregated bike lanes
  • new and improved public transport, including a new bus lane on Malago Road/Dalby Avenue towards East Street
  • a change of motor vehicle access to Windmill Hill, to reduce rat-running in the area (drivers using residential streets instead of the intended main roads)
  • a one-way system on Hereford Street and Whitehouse Lane

Find out more about the River Malago restoration and transport improvement proposals and fill in the public consultation.

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