BSCB protocols for multi-agency action

BSCB is a member of the South West Safeguarding and Child Protection Group who provide the South West Child Protection Procedures (SWCPP) and they should be consulted by all agencies in the first instance.

Where the SWCPP do not provide guidance or a protocol or there is a local multi-agency protocol this should be followed in preference to the guidance offered in the SWCPP.

The child protection procedures within the SWCPP must be followed by all statutory and voluntary agencies who work with children and their families.

This section contains the BSCB multi-agency protocols and guidance, which must be followed by all agencies. Information on matters not included in this “must do” section may be found in Practice Guidance.

To ease navigation the information is grouped into five categories. The first two categories separate protocols relating to the individual child (About the Child) from those pertaining to the whole family (About the Family). The other three categories group together information on actions in relation to police, record keeping and staff.

All agencies must follow the multi-agency procedures for making a referral to children's social care. The BSCB Multi-Agency Referral Form and Guidance are also provided in the section on Information sharing.

About the child

BSCB Protocol to Prevent childhood exposure to Opiod Substitution Medication 2017

To assist professionals to identify which patients are parents or carers, those that have children or children staying with them and the safeguarding arrangements that should be in place when a client is undertaking Opiod Substitution Treatment.

Missing child

Under 16 sexual activity

Child Sexual Exploitation

Domestic Violence and Abuse: MARAC

About the family

Concerns about abuse within faith communities

A short document on working effectively with faith/religion when Safeguarding Children.

Professionals meetings

Information sharing, referrals and record keeping

Partnership agreements

BSCB escalation policy

To be used to formally raise concerns between agencies regarding work relating to children.

Allegations against people who work with children