Commission on Race Equality (CORE)

Commission on Race Equality (CORE)

The purpose of Bristol's Commission on Race Equality (CORE) and its members.

What is the Commission on Race Equality (CORE)

The Commission on Race Equality (CORE) has been set up by Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees to look at race and ethnicity discrimination in Bristol. 

Black and Minority Ethnic communities in the city experience significant inequalities in:

  • education
  • employment
  • health, including mental health
  • housing
  • criminal justice

View the current race equality statistics.

What the Commission on Race Equality will do

The Commission will:

  • increase the power, representation and influence of Black, Asian Minority Ethnic people in the city and work collaboratively with partners to effect change, where necessary, across Bristol and the neighbouring regions
  • ensure the effective engagement of Black, Asian Minority Ethnic communities in the life of the city
  • provide challenge to public, private and voluntary institutions and organisations in relation to race equality
  • engage with policy and strategy developers to inform processes to ensure that race equality is embedded into planning, delivery and outcomes
  • engage with organisations and institutions (regardless of their geographical coverage) whose operations impact directly on the Black, Asian Minority Ethnic communities of Bristol
  • provide independent scrutiny, including through collaboration with The Bristol Strategic Race Equality Leaders Group, Learning City Partnership, One City Partnership Boards, HR Race Strategic Leaders Group, Bristol Equality Charter Network
  • progress a strategic action plan to be reviewed annually

Read full terms of reference (pdf, 420KB) (opens new window)

Find out more about the work undertaken by CORE since 2018. Read the full council report. (pdf, 379KB) (opens new window)

Members of the Bristol Commission on Race Equality (CORE)

The following commissioners were recruited in September 2020:

  • Athimalaipet Vaidyanathan Ramanan, Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
  • Zahra Kosar, Mental Health Coordinator at Bristol Somali Resource Centre
  • Margaret Simmons-Bird, Education Consultant and Executive Lead for School Improvement at Wellsway Multi Academy Trust
  • Marie-Annick Gournet, Senior Lecturer and Director of Part-time Programmes at University of Bristol
  • Fatima Mohamed Ali, Teacher at Cotham Gardens Primary School
  • Jane Khawaja, Head of Research Development at University of Bristol
  • Clayton Planter, Creative Director of Street2Boardroom
  • Zain Shaffi, Investment Consultant and Lead in Black, Asian Minority Ethnic  Financial Inclusion CSR Group at Hargreaves Lansdown
  • Forward Maisokwadzo, Inclusion Advisor to the Mayor’s Office
  • Euella Jackson, Engagement Producer and Talent Manager at Rising Arts Agency
  • Maya Kate-Cole, Senior Service Coordinator at Golden Key Partnership Programme
  • Marcus Walters, Senior Associate at Burges Salmon LLP
  • Jendayi Serwah, Convenor of the Afrikan ConneXions Consortium
  • Pravanya Pillay, Outreach and Engagement Lead at Babbasa

Anyone working for or with the Bristol Commission on Race Equality will have to follow The Principles of Public Life (Nolan Principles) (pdf, 175KB) (opens new window)

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