Education and schools policies

Education and schools policies

Policies for schools about managing finances, school travel plans and education outside the school

School financial regulation

Financial regulations for schools with delegated budgets  (pdf, 461k) (opens new window)

School travel

Home to School Travel Policy (pdf, 104k) (opens new window)

School Travel Policy Statement 2018 - 2019 for SEND students in post-16 education (pdf, 84k) (opens new window)

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

See our SEND page for information on Bristol's SEND in education.

Education outside schools

What is alternative learning provision

Alternative learning provision includes:
  • pupil referral units
  • hospital education
  • education for children in custody
  • projects that give full-time or part-time education outside of school for pushed out learners
  • preventative programmes working with individuals or groups of children to prevent them from being excluded from school
The student participates as part of their regular timetable, away from the site of the school and not led by school staff.
Schools can use this provision to try to prevent exclusions, or to re-engage students in their education.

Meeting the needs of ‘pushed out’ learners: education for students with additional social and emotional needs

This commissioning plan was developed in partnership by the council and Bristol schools and was agreed in March 2016.  
The plan includes:
  •  A city-wide commitment  to reduce permanent exclusions
  • Establishing the new ‘PAL System’ – a quality-assured list of approved alternative learning providers for  the council and schools to buy from 
  • Additional funding to set up new early intervention bases across the city
  • Pupil inclusion panels, to streamline referrals and make sure students are learning in the setting that best suits them 
  • Support for new alternative learning free schools, including Bristol Futures Academy due to open in September 2016

Supporting documents

This is a quality-assured list of approved alternative learning providers. It includes part-time and full-time providers  at Key Stages 1-4.
Bristol schools and the council will buy alternative learning places from providers on the PAL system.  
The first round of providers has been accepted onto system and more organisations will be able to apply to join on an ongoing basis.

Information for schools

The PAL system has been developed by the council in partnership with Bristol schools and will last for at least the next five years. It includes two lists of approved providers:
  • full-time and revolving door
  • part-time
All full-time placements, including revolving door placements, into alternative provision should be agreed in advance by a Bristol inclusion panel (BIP). The placement will then be arranged via the council’s ALP Hub with a provider on the full-time list.
Schools will make their own arrangements for part-time alternative learning and may use providers who are on either the full-time or part-time list.
Schools should refer to the most up to date version of the PAL System Catalogue for current details of each provider’s service offer including any specialisms and suitability criteria, pricing and contact details.
The PAL System Catalogue  will be regularly updated as new providers join the PAL system or existing providers vary their offer.

When arranging alternative learning placements, schools and ALP providers should complete the PAL System Order Form and send a copy to the ALP Hub.

The Order Form refers to:
Completing the form creates an enforceable contract. 

Quality Assurance

Full time providers have been given an overall quality score (satisfactory, good or excellent) based on their initial assessment when joining the PAL system and any subsequent performance reviews.  Any providers who fail to meet the ongoing quality criteria may be removed from the PAL system.  
The council’s  ALP Hub will coordinate quality assurance, in partnership with schools, for all full-time providers. 
Proportionate quality assurance arrangements will be developed for part-time alternative learning providers.   

Information for alternative learning providers

The majority of Bristol secondary schools have told us they'll only buy places from providers who are approved on the PAL system.
So any organisation offering part-time or full-time alternative learning at key stages 1-4 in Bristol would benefit from being on the system. This includes free schools, independent schools, and part-time only providers.
Until 31st December 2016, providers will be able to apply to join the PAL system at any time and we will regularly evaluate those applications. From January 2017, providers will still be able to apply to join the framework at any time, but those applications will be evaluated on a six monthly basis.
You may also be interested in joining the ALP Providers Forum. For more information about this please contact .

Further information

If you have any queries please contact:
Tel: 0117 903 1272