Going for Gold

Going for Gold

What Going for Gold is and how you can take part

What Going for Gold is

Going for Gold is a city wide effort to achieve the Sustainable Food Cities Gold Award for Bristol by the end of 2020. We’re working with:

Going for Gold aims to improve the way we grow, buy and eat food in Bristol by asking people and organisations to take actions and record them on the Going for Gold website. These actions include:

  • buying seasonal, local food 
  • buying food with less packaging
  • reducing food waste, and recycling what can’t be eaten
  • growing more food in the city
  • making healthier eating and drinking choices 
  • supporting community food projects 

Go to the Going for Gold website

How you can take part 

You can take part in Going for Gold as an individual or an organisation.

To take part:

  1. go to the Going for Gold website
  2. sign up for an account
  3. go to the ‘Take action’ page to tell us which actions you’ve taken or are going to take

You’ll get an e-badge to reward you for each new action you take. Use #goingforgoldbristol to tell us about the actions you take on social media.