Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

The health and wellbeing of Bristol

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) provides detailed information on the health and wellbeing needs of the people of Bristol.

The JSNA process is led by Public Health and involves Bristol City Council, NHS Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Bristol Healthwatch, the Voluntary and Community Sector and other partners. 

It informs decisions about how we plan services to improve health and wellbeing in Bristol, while reducing health inequalities.

JSNA 2016-17 Data Profile

The JSNA 2016-17 Data Profile (pdf, 8.2MB) (opens new window)   was agreed by the Bristol Health and Wellbeing Board in Dec 2016, replacing the draft version previously released.

This JSNA data profile highlights the current challenges and shows that whilst Bristol is faring well in comparison to many other major cities, some health issues and inequalities remain entrenched.

Changes to the JSNA process: JSNA Chapters

The annual JSNA Data Profile gives an overview across all the JSNA datasets. 

In addition, we are now producing a programme of detailed JSNA Chapters.  These provide a more detailed understanding of the data and needs in selected topics, and include a review of existing services, public feedback and best practice evidence to suggest recommendations for what the City Council and NHS Bristol CCG can do to address areas of concern.

JSNA Chapters will begin to be published in May 2017, and priority Chapters include:

  • Healthy Life Expectancy
  • Employment and health
  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Alcohol misuse
  • Healthy Weight: Children and adults
  • Falls
  • Stroke
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Cancers
  • Mental health and wellbeing: Children and adults
  • Women’s health

Previously published Health Needs Assessments on specific areas include:

Adult alcohol misuse

Alcohol misuse: adults 2017 (pdf, 378k) (opens new window)

Among those aged 15 to 49 in England, alcohol is now the leading risk factor for ill-health, early mortality and disability and the fifth leading risk factor for ill-health across all age groups.

Childhood epilepsy 

Childhood Epilepsy in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire 2017 (pdf, 251k) (opens new window)

Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder in children, affecting 1 in 220 children nationally.

Children’s social communication and interaction needs

Children’s Social Communication and Interaction Needs in Bristol (pdf, 464k) (opens new window)

Social communication and interaction needs’ (SCIN) is a term that covers a range of conditions and support needs including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Young People and Substance Misuse

Young People and Substance Misuse (pdf, 346k) (opens new window)

This JSNA chapter discusses drug and alcohol use by young people aged 11-24. 

Emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people 

Emotional Health and Wellbeing in Bristol: Needs Assessment August 2015.

This report will inform a multi-agency Emotional Health and Wellbeing Strategy for children and young people, to prevent poor emotional health where possible, and provide high quality and effective care for those affected by poor emotional health. 

It is also being used support the re-commissioning of Community Child Health services and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) for Bristol, led by Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group in 2016.

Prison health and social care

Prison health and social care needs assessment (pdf, 2MB) (opens new window)

NHS England (Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire) commissioned this assessment for HMP Bristol in 2015. It will help agree priorities and allocate resources to improve healthcare and reduce inequalities.

What the JSNA is used for:

  • To provide a comprehensive picture of the health and wellbeing needs of Bristol (now and in the future).
  • To inform decisions about how we design, commission and deliver services, and also about how the urban environment is planned and managed.
  • To improve and protect health and wellbeing outcomes across the city while reducing health inequalities.
  • To provide partner organisations with information on the changing health and wellbeing needs of Bristol, at a local level, to support better service delivery.
  • The JSNA provides the data to inform Bristol’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy (pdf, 793k) (opens new window)

JSNA data and previous reports

JSNA Instant Atlas Tool
Underlying data on a range of JSNA indicators. This tool displays updated health and wellbeing indicators as a map for different local areas (eg ward level).  It also has data based on GP practice registers.  You can choose specific information by topic and how it's displayed.  

Ward Data Profiles and Tool
There is ward-based JSNA data in the new ward data profiles  and in the Neighbourhood Partnership Statistical Profiles.  These are available as an interactive tool, or as pdf reports.

JSNA 2016-17 Data Profile report (pdf, 8.2MB) (opens new window)
The JSNA Data Profile 2016-17 provides the latest overview of the health and wellbeing needs in Bristol (published Jan 2017).

JSNA 2015 Data Profile report

A broad overview of the health and wellbeing needs in Bristol (published Dec 2015).

JSNA 2014 Update Summary (pdf, 3.2MB) (opens new window)

A statistical profile covering selected JSNA datasets, with a focus on inequalities within Bristol (published 2015).

JSNA 2013 Update  (pdf, 5.1 MB) (opens new window) (pdf, 5.1MB) (opens new window)

The Healthy & Caring chapter in the State of the City 2013 report is a statistical update taken from the JSNA process

JSNA 2012 Baseline report
A re-structured and updated JSNA Baseline. Including JSNA 2011 data-sets within this. Broken into sections with an overall Strategic Summary (final version published July 2012 and updated December 2012).

JSNA 2010 Update (pdf, 2.6 MB) (opens new window) (pdf, 2.6MB) (opens new window)
Final update to the 2008 baseline with strategic overview (published May 2011).

JSNA 2010 summary (pdf, 0.6 MB) (opens new window) (pdf, 588k) (opens new window)
Brief overview of the JSNA, plus key issues in 2010 Update (published May 2011).

JSNA 2010 summary - Easy English version (pdf, 163 KB) (opens new window) (pdf, 164k) (opens new window)
Main issues in the 2010 JSNA report - Easy English version for people with learning difficulties (published September 2011).

JSNA Update 2009 (pdf, 5.3 MB) (opens new window) (pdf, 5.3MB) (opens new window)
The update to the baseline report (published August 2009).

The JSNA 2008 baseline report (pdf, 10.0 MB) (opens new window) (pdf, 10MB) (opens new window)
Published October 2008. Broken into sections with a summary.