Older People's Partnership Board

Older People's Partnership Board


The Older People’s Partnership Board (OPPB) focuses on the issues, services and developments relevant to older people in Bristol. We are a resource for the Council and partner organisations

We involve older people, carers, council officers and representatives from the health, voluntary and private sectors

In all of its work the OPPB will aim to improve the quality of life of older people by:

  • promoting the needs, aspirations and concerns of older people in Bristol
  • using its influence, knowledge, skills and experience to ensure that the needs of older people are understood and taken into account
  • seeking opportunities to actively contribute to the development of policies, services and activities
  • promote working across directorates within the Council and between agencies across the city.

Membership of the Board

The following principles underpin our membership:

  • the aim is that 50% of our membership will be older people
  • representation from statutory organisations needs to be sufficiently senior to achieve the required accountability, authority for decision making and influence over resources
  • all members will be nominated by the organisation or stakeholders they are representing
  • membership will be reviewed every two years