Parks byelaws

The new byelaws will come into force on 28 April 2017 and apply to 357 parks and green spaces. Full Council agreed on 14 March 2017 to implement new parks byelaws.

New byelaws aim to help people enjoy Bristol parks and green spaces and deter low level anti-social behaviour in parks.  They will work alongside other legislation to enable us to respond to persistent anti-social behaviour quickly and appropriately.

We'll be updating these pages over the next few weeks.

The full set of 24 byelaws which includes the 357 parks and green spaces to which they apply

Frequently asked questions

Designated areas for certain activities

Specific areas will be designated for certain activities under the byelaws.  The following is a general guide – we will provide more detailed information in the next few weeks, along with some rules that will apply to some of these activities.

  • BBQs: you'll be able to have BBQs in most areas.  However they will not be permitted at Troopers Hill, part of Brandon Hill and in all children’s play areas.
  • Fishing: you'll be able to fish with line or net in all lakes and rivers in and adjacent to parks and green spaces except in St George Park.
  • Flying model aircraft: designated areas for flying model aircraft, including drones, are at Hengrove Park, Dundridge Playing Fields and Blaise Castle Estate.  In each case only part of the site is designated
  • Golf: you can only play golf on the golf courses at Ashton Court Estate.
  • Horse riding: you can ride a horse in any green space that is over 4 hectares in size and where any lawful rights and privileges exist. Two additional routes have also been designated.

Apply for consent

You must ask us for consent for the following activities:

  • Putting up structures such as buildings, barriers, posts, rides or swings (except where general consent has been given for temporary structures for shade etc, see below)
  • Grazing
  • Camping overnight
  • Lighting of fires: for example this might apply to a scout group having a camp fire
  • Overnight parking between 10pm and 6am
  • Where you are providing a service for which you charge a fee, for example: a fitness instructor or a forest school
  • Entertainment, shows and performances
  • Taking off and landing of aircraft, hot air balloons, helicoptors and hang gliders
  • Field sports or archery : these can only be put on as part of an event.

To ask for consent email your request to including:

  • your contact details
  • details of the activity you wish to carry out
  • the name of the park or parks
  • the location in the park
  • the number of people attending or taking part
  • how long you want consent for

We may also ask you to provide us with a risk assessment and evidence of public liability insurance if you are applying as a group, company or sole trader or if your activity involves a number of people.

Events licences

If your activities are part of an event, you must include them in your application for an event licence instead.

An event licence is required for anything to which the wider public are invited or to which tickets are sold.  There is normally a charge for an events licence.

Activities that don’t need consent

We'll be giving general consent for a number of activities covered by byelaws.  You don’t need to apply for consent to:

  • put up a temporary structure such as a gazebo or day tent for shade or a meeting point
  • forage for food such as blackberries for personal use.