Retirement living vision

Retirement living vision

Bristol’s vision for Retirement Living

The vision sees the development of housing schemes that enhance the facilities available to older people and which are an asset to, and in harmony with, their local neighbourhood.

The vision is to offer a mix of flexible living options that can adapt to meet the needs of people as they grow older. Such schemes will:

  • Provide a model of housing with care and support. We want to meet the needs and aspirations of older people across all tenures - buying, renting, shared ownership - offering choice and flexibility in service delivery and accommodation type.
  • Combine value for money with state of the art design and practicality, in locations that maximise benefits to individuals and our development partners.
  • Enable the development of a quality, sustainable and personalised housing solution - one that enables older people to live in their own home for longer.
  • Provide more than just housing - in the form of an outward-facing community resource that enables the development of wellbeing and community services across the wider neighbourhood.

Quality Care for Changing Needs

The mix of Retirement Living options has the potential to provide a viable alternative to residential care. It can improve older people's wellbeing by keeping them involved in local communities and to free up housing for larger households as people relocate. For many older people it is simply a lifestyle choice which helps keep their future options flexible.

The Retirement Living offer also contains Extra Care Housing (ECH) schemes, and Bristol currently has 11 such schemes spread evenly across the city. These offer a range of communal facilities and activities, some of which are open to older people who live outside of the scheme. Read more about how ECH is offered, and our current Bristol locations.

Realising the vision: three phases

The vision for Extra Care Housing also talks about numbers. We estimate that to meet needs and demand over the next 10 years we will need to see the development of 986 units. 222 will be affordable housing available to rent. We will do this in three phases:

Phase 1: a South Gloucestershire development

We are working closely with South Gloucestershire Council on a shared ECH development in that authority and hope to publish details here soon.

Phase 2: a development for New Fosseway

There is a gap in the market for more ECH flats for people to buy and for schemes that are large enough to incorporate a whole range of retirement living across a variety of tenures. New Fosseway will provide that with potential for around 200 flats, 40 of which will be for rent and the rest private sale with some shared ownership options. New Fosseway will also be home to a 60 bed Dementia Care Home

Since our Provider Day in December 2013, we are now in a unique position to offer an exceptional development site at New Fosseway

We will be looking to appoint a strategic partner to design, build and run a Retirement Living Development that will serve the south of the city for years to come. Businesses and consortiums are invited to tender in late April 2014.

Phase 3: the 10-year vision

The council will be looking beyond Coldharbour Lane and New Fosseway to working with partners to develop more ECH schemes to meet our 10 year vision of developing 986 units of Extra Care housing.

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