Home care services

Home care services

What our home care services are and which organisations provide them.

There are three tiers of home care providers:

  • main providers
  • secondary providers
  • framework providers

The main providers are:

  • Human Support Group (HSG)
  • Kumari
  • Medacs 

The secondary providers are:

  • Mears Care
  • 1st Grade Care
  • Care 1st
  • Alimo Care
  • Homecare 4U

The main providers will deliver the majority of the home care services to residents living in the Bristol area and they will work closely with the secondary providers who will also look to deliver the care in the Bristol area

All of these organisations are established home care providers with extensive experience either operating within or outside the Bristol area.

The main and secondary providers have good local knowledge and experience in the areas they serve, and employ a dedicated team of committed and compassionate Care Assistants who do what they do because they care. 

Framework providers will provide care when the main and secondary providers aren't able to accept a referral.

Find out about current opportunities for providers to join our Homecare Provider Open Framework.

Available services

This will depend on your initial assessment, however all providers offer:
  • support to manage daily tasks in the home, and personal care to keep service users healthy
  • an increase to independence by helping service users regain skills to manage tasks alone
  • respite care to give the family members and friends who care for service users a break
While traditional personal care is a major part of what our Bristol providers do, they are able to provide all sorts of support, including cooking, shopping, sightseeing, holiday companionship, as well as visiting friends and family members, to help service users live an independent life.
We believe these providers can offer a flexible and high quality service to suit all personal care needs.
Find information for care in your area on our Bristol care provider zone map.
Find out more about our main home care providers:

Re-design of home care services in Bristol

We are currently reviewing the way home care is provided in the city.

We want to ensure the supply and quality of home care is consistent and can meet people’s needs.

The way home care is provided won’t change until at least August 2021. We're looking into how it might be provided after that.

Find out more information about the review and how to be involved on the Home care commissioning page.