Protecting the Tomb of Horatii

Protecting the Tomb of Horatii

Information on the Tomb of Horatii, and the restoration work we’re doing on it in Stoke Park.

The restoration work

We’re doing important restoration work to the foundations of the Tomb of Horatii to stop it from crumbling.

The tomb has four footings :

  • two have been rebuilt
  • one has been stabilised to stop it slipping down the slope
  • one is buried and believed to be stable

We hope this structure can eventually be fully restored.

The Tomb of Horatii

The replica of the Tomb of the Horatii was built in Stoke Park by Thomas Wright (1711-86 ), a leading 18th century landscape gardener of the time.

Stoke Park is the largest surviving example of his work.

Stoke Park’s tomb was originally modelled on an ancient mausoleum that was built at Albano near Rome.

It was built in honour of a legendary battle between the Roman Horatii triplets and their Alban counterparts, known as the Curiatii.

Grant funding

We received £127,000 grant funding from Highways England to undertake a number of cultural projects in Stoke Park.

Work at the Tomb of Horatii is part of this project.