Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

What the Safer Streets Fund is and how Portland Square will benefit

The Safer Streets programme aimed to reduce burglary and theft around Portland Square in St Pauls.

This project ended in March 2022.

We were given £398,000 for the programme as part of the government's Safer Streets Fund.

View a  image map of the area included in the programme (1.77 MB)

Prevent crime

To help create a safer and cleaner environment by the end of March 2022 the programme included:

  • professional support for residents to improve security at their homes 
  • new bike storage  
  • community marshals educating the community in crime prevention
  • more street CCTV monitoring   
  • property marking kits for residents to help identify expensive items if stolen
  • opportunities for residents to volunteer and get involved in activities to keep the community safe

24-7 Locks

We worked with 24-7 Locks to provide security measure improvements to homes as part of the Safer Streets Project.  

24 7 locks

If you have any issues with your installations, contact them directly.


The Safer Streets programme is a partnership between:

  • Bristol City Council
  • Avon and Somerset Police
  • Police Crime Commissioners Office
  • Home Office


If you have questions about the Safer Streets programme, email

If you want to report criminal activity, visit the Avon and Somerset Police website. If it's an emergency, phone 999.