Where new homes are being built in Southmead, what improvements are being made in the area and how we're supporting them.

The Community Plan for Southmead was published in 2015 by the Southmead Development Trust Go to https://www.southmead.org/ (opens new window), a charity run by and for local residents. 

The community plan identified:

  • a need for more housing 
  • a need for improved community facilities
  • areas that could be improved

We helped the Southmead Development Trust and other local organisations develop the Southmead Masterplan to ensure successful regeneration of the area. The masterplan sets out how central Southmead, including Glencoyne Square and Arnside, will be improved.

We'll support these improvements by:

  • selling land we own in central Southmead to local community partners, such as the Southmead Development Trust, United Communities and Abri housing associations, for new housing and community facilities
  • using a £3.6 million grant from the Housing Infrastructure Fund to make improvements to drainage, highways and public spaces at Glencoyne Square and Arnside
  • funding the relocation of Southmead Library into a new, bespoke shared hub with Southmead Health Centre, paid for by up to £7m of Strategic Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds

The first major work is to regenerate Glencoyne Square, including building up to 120 new homes. 

This work is being managed by the Southmead Development Trust and the Abri and United Communities housing association. Planning permission was recommended for approval in May 2020 and the decision was approved in February 2021. 

More information is on the Southmead Development Trust website Go to https://www.southmead.org/regeneration/ (opens new window)