About the Openness Fund

The Openness Fund is the largest fund in the pdf Cultural Investment Programme 2023 to 2027 (1.43 MB)

Through the Openness Fund, we'll support established, Bristol based arts organisations that can best help us achieve our Cultural Investment Programme 2023 to 2027 aims, guiding principle and overall vision. 

Openness funding is offered as unrestricted funding for four years. You can use these unrestricted grants towards anything that will help achieve your organisations mission. 

This could include: 

  • salaries
  • running costs, such as rent
  • programme delivery costs

The grant period for Openness funding is April 2023 to March 2027.

The Openness Fund 2023-27 closed to applications in June 2022.

Read the Openness 2023 to 2027 Fund guidance document.

Watch this recorded presentation about the Imagination 2023 to 2025 and Openness 2023 to 2027 Fund.

If you have any difficulty accessing the guidance document or filling in your application, email cityartsfunds@bristol.gov.uk  

Apply to the Openness Fund

The Openness Fund 2023 to 2027 has now closed to applications.

What happens next

Well let applicants know if their application has been recommended for funding in September 2022.

Cabinet will consider these recommendations in December 2022.

We will then make formal grant offers in December 2022.