You need to apply for a transfer from an infant school to a junior if the junior school isn't paired with the infant school your child currently attends.

You don't need to apply for a junior school if your child attends these schools unless you want your child to attend a different junior school:

  • Broomhill
  • Chester Park
  • Elmlea
  • Henleaze
  • Sefton Park
  • Summerhill Academy
  • Wicklea Academy

Your child will automatically transfer to the above school's paired junior school.

Apply for a transfer

If your child's infant school is not paired with the junior school or you want to apply to a different junior school than the paired school you need to apply for an infant to junior transfer.

How to apply


Apply online from 12 September 2022 for September 2023 admissions.

Apply for infant to junior transfer for Sept 2023 Go to (opens new window)

You'll need to register for an account on our Parent Portal admissions system. You'll get an email confirmation of your application.

If your child  has an Education, Health and Care Plan don't apply to School Admissions, see  Apply for a key stage transfer school place for a child with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan on our Local Offer site or email the Special Educational Needs Team at for how to apply.

You must use your child's legal name on the application.

Applications from outside the UK

If you're applying for a school place outside the UK and have problems applying online then fill in the document infant to junior transfer application form (39 KB) .  You can either post it, or scan and email it to  

Other ways to apply

Fill in the document infant to junior transfer application form (39 KB) . The deadline for applications is 15 January 2023. 

Junior schools and available places

Places available at a junior school are determined by the school's Admission Number.  This is the minimum number of children who have to be offered places at each school if there are enough applications.

See Bristol junior school places and admissions policies page for :

  • school website address
  • planned admission number for 2023
  • type of school
  • age range
  • number on role
  • admissions policy for 2023

Junior school allocation of places

For applications submitted by 15 January 2023 each junior school:

  • will first allocate places to any Year 2 children transferring from their paired infant school.
  • if they  have extra places left over then they will apply the  oversubscription criteria to all applications for children who currently go to other infant or primary schools.

If there are no places available at the junior school youll be told of the appeals procedure by the admission authority for the school.

Oversubscription criteria

Initial allocations using the oversubscription criteria will involve only applications submitted by 15 January 2023. See the school admissions policy for how places are allocated.

Transfer to a primary school

If you want your child to attend a primary school in Bristol from Year 3, use our in year application process.  Applications should be made from 12 June 2023.  Applications for schools outside Bristol should be made to the local authority where the school is based.

pdf Information about delayed, deferred and accelerated entry  (151 KB) to junior school.

Applications for an infant junior transfer for September 2022

You'll need to make an in year application to apply for  an infant junior transfer for September 2022.

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