Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

Who the scheme is for and how you can apply

We're giving organisations in Bristol the opportunity to try an electric vehicle for free to help you decide if it is the right choice for your organisation.

The scheme will run for two years, until the end of 2024 and is funded by National Highways.

Who it is for

Vehicles of different sizes are available to hire for free for one to two months if you're a:

  • local business
  • sole trader
  • charity
  • voluntary organisation

What it comes with

Vehicle leases come with:

  • free insurance, provided you meet some specific requirements which are typical of most driver insurance policies: more details on the Travel West application page below
  • support and advice from our Fleet Services team to help you find the right electric vehicle for your organisation
  • data analysis and reports from the telematic devices in our vehicles

How to apply

Find more information about signing up and how to apply on the Travelwest site.