Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

Latest changes, pedestrianisation of the Old City, and how to plan your journey.

During the pandemic we opened up road space usually reserved for parking and driving to cyclists and pedestrians to:

  • allow for better social distancing, especially in local shopping areas
  • encourage people to travel by bike or walk
  • reduce air pollution
  • allow businesses to trade outdoors

We monitored the impacts and have been working with local residents, businesses and ward councillors to make a number of schemes permanent.

Plans to progress schemes

Chandos Road, Redland: Working with the community to design and build a timed closure scheme on Chandos Road for businesses to trade outside.

Denmark Street, city centre: Working with the public and businesses to make the timed closure between St Augustine's Parade and Gaunt's Lane permanent.

Rosemary Lane, Eastville: Working to deliver a road closure on Rosemary Lane, including a possible new school street at May Park School. The scheme would stop through traffic, link up two green spaces, and provide a safer route to school.

Overton Road, Bishopston: Working to deliver a road closure where Overton Road meets Gloucester Road using a modal filter to stop motor vehicles from cutting through.

Permanent schemes

Bristol Bridge and Baldwin Street: Closed the roads to general through traffic to give priority to pedestrians, cycling and public transport.

Park Row: Improve walking, cycling and public transport along Park Row, Perry Road, Upper Maudlin Street and Colston Street by upgrading cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings and traffic signals and creating loading and disabled bays.

Cotham Hill: Closed two sections of the road to motorists between Whiteladies Gate and Hampton Lane, and between Hampton Park and Abbotsford Road. This provides outdoor space for traders, pedestrians and cyclists. Space for loading, disabled parking, and drop off and pick up points are available at each end of the closed areas.

Clifton Village: A timed road closure on Princess Victoria Street to part-pedestrianise the street. The next stage will involve working with the community to design and build the permanent pedestrianisation scheme. On top of resurfacing the road and new signage, this could include continuous pavements, planting trees, cycle parking, a parklet and more.

Old City and King Street: Long-term improvements for the part-pedestrianisation of Old City and King Street, including public realm improvements and walking and cycling infrastructure, such as dropped kerbs, a cycle lane and planting.

Mina Road, St Werburgh's: A new protected cycle route along Mina Road on its eastern side.

Cycle route map

See our pdf Bristol cycle route map (455 KB)  for existing, new and planned cycle routes in Bristol.

Pedestrianisation of the Old City

We've made changes to pedestrianise parts of the Old City by closing the roads to traffic for specific parts of the day.

These timed road closures are now permanent and fall under a Traffic Regulation Order for the area.

This means streets within Old City will be closed to vehicles every day, except for loading and deliveries between 5am and 11am, Monday to Saturday.

This includes Broad Street, from Newmarket Avenue to the end of Bell Lane, except between midnight and 11am, Monday to Saturday.

Bell Lane and a section of Broad Street have been made one way, except for bicycles.


We've suspended all parking bays and parking permits in the Central Parking Zone (CPZ).

This has allowed us to create an area that's safe and accessible for pedestrians and cyclists.

This affects:

  • Baldwin Street
  • St Stephens Street
  • St Stephens Avenue
  • Clare Street
  • Broad Street
  • Corn Street
  • Marsh Street
  • Small Street

Blue badge parking

4 extra blue badge bays have been put in on High Street and Bridge Street.

You can continue to park on double yellow lines, with a Blue badge, when roads are open, as long as it does not block roads or pavements.

Disabled parking bays are on:

  • Baldwin Street
  • Broad Street
  • Bridge Street
  • High Street

Loading and deliveries

You can access all streets for loading and deliveries Monday to Saturday, 5am to 11am. Loading bays are on:

  • Corn Street
  • Clare Street
  • Baldwin Street
  • St Nicholas Street
  • High Street
  • St Stephen's Street
  • Colston Avenue
  • uay Street

Other loading bays are available, outside of the pedestrianised area, on High Street and Broad Street.


Motorcycles are not allowed in the Old City area, except during the loading window: 5am to 11am, Monday to Saturday.

This is so the area is fully pedestrianised which will reduce noise pollution and make it safer for pedestrians.

Plan your journey

Plan your journeys using: