Children with special educational needs in early years

Apply for early years SEN funding

Funding has been allocated by the Early Years Service to support children with Special Educational Needs in early years settings.

To apply for this funding please first read:

If you're applying for funding for an individual child please use:

If you're applying for funding for a group of children please use:

To return the application to us you must follow our secure email guidance (pdf, 757k) (opens new window) .

Email completed applications to

Local Offer

All early years providers should provide information regarding their SEND offer for children which will be part of the Local Authorities Local Offer.

Application queries

If you have any queries about making an application please contact:

Rachael Clelland, Early Years Inclusion Officer


Tel: 0117 903 1296


The research finding of the Effective Provision of Pre-school Education (EPPE) Project concluded that pre-school can be an effective intervention for reducing SEN, especially for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

Therefore, in the early years sector in Bristol we need to make sure support is available for all settings that cater for these children, to make sure  all children are given the opportunities to reach their full potential and achieve improved outcomes.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide a seamless process that is clear and transparent and understood by all professionals and practitioners working with young children.

This is to make sure all children are given the opportunities to reach their full potential in the early years and in later education achieving improved outcomes, which will reduce the underachievement gap.