Portage and inclusion service

The Early Years Portage and Inclusion Team provide support to families and early years practitioners for children from birth to 5 years, who are disabled and/or have special educational needs.

This team of specialists offer -

  • advice and guidance to all providers of early education and childcare
  • a home visiting service using the Portage model. This is available to children and families via a referral process
  • a non-designated Key Working function

For Early Years Practitioners and Early Years Settings, this support includes -

  • providing appropriate support and interventions for individual children’s needs
  • developing strategies and targets for children’s Individual Education Plans
  • monitoring and reviewing children’s rate of progress
  • awareness of special educational needs processes and procedures.

The Portage Home Visiting Service covers -

  • helping families and children learn together
  • providing strategies and targets to support children’s development
  • providing ideas for play/teaching activities to support parents/carers in stimulating their child’s development
  • supporting parents/carers in developing their knowledge regarding special educational needs processes and procedures.

The team also supports the positive transfer of children with disabilities and/or special educational needs to the next phase of their education within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Training is available to:

  • develop early years providers skills to include children with disabilities and/or special educational needs
  • empower early years practitioners to support children with disabilities and/or special educational needs in the longer term from within their own resources

An Early Years Inclusion Resource Library is available, holding a wide range of specialist equipment and information to support the inclusion of young children. This library is available to all settings, including childminders, who are offering the Early Years Foundation Stage to children from birth to five years. The library is also available to parents who are accessing a Portage Home Visiting service, via their Portage and Inclusion Specialist.

The team's support can be accessed by completing our referral form, available on this page, or please contact us using the information on the right of this page.

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Early Years Portage and Inclusion Service

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