Alternative Learning Provision: Statement of Action

Alternative Learning Provision: Statement of Action

Review report

We carried out a review into the effectiveness of Alternative Learning Provision (ALP) in Bristol.

ALP review report (pdf, 952KB) (opens new window)

In our review, we wanted to:

  • gain a full understanding of how ALP is currently used in Bristol
  • enable transparent decision making for future placements
  • improve consistency across settings
  • agree what we want to achieve with ALP and how we can improve our collaborative approach to specialist education
  • inform future ALP recommissioning
  • provide momentum for the council to transform and improve ALP
  • be a key part of the reform of the SEND system

The report has been added to Improvement Priority 4.3 of the Bristol Local Area Written Statement of Action (WSoA) for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Statement of Action

We accept all the recommendations in the ALP review report and will take action as a result. The Statement of Action will set out:

  • what we’ll do to deliver the recommendations
  • how long it will take, we’ll set milestones for delivery so we can track progress

We'll co-produce the final version of the Statement of Action.

Draft Statement of Action (pdf, 600KB) (opens new window)

Delivery of our Statement of Action will be part of the second phase of the Education Transformation Programme. We’ll publish details of our progress on this page.

Co-production proposal

We’ll work with users and professionals involved with ALP, to plan, monitor and deliver a system that works for everyone.

Co-production proposal (pdf, 296KB) (opens new window)

There will be 4 stakeholder groups:

  • education settings
  • children and young people
  • parents and carers
  • other interested parties, such as school forums and social workers

These groups will:

  • review the ALP review report recommendations and prioritise which are most important
  • review our plans, making sure we carry out the right actions to achieve the recommendations
  • help improve the draft Statement of Action and produce the final version
  • review the draft recommissioning strategy

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