Delivering Bristol Youth Links

Bristol Youth Links services are delivered by the following organisations:

Services provided

Organisations receiving Bristol Youth Links funding provide a full range of activities and involve children and young people in designing and developing the services, so they are accessible, attractive and relevant. These include:

  • Play activities for children and young people that are open to all.
  • Enjoyable and exciting activities that children and young people can do in their own time such as volunteering.
  • Information and personal advice, guidance and support that helps young people to make decisions and choices about their lives.
  • Ways for children and young people to have their say in what service they get.

A key aim of Bristol Youth Links is to ensure access for all children and young people to information, services and facilities across the city.

Find out about Bristol Youth Links services in the April to June 2016 summary update (pdf, 327k) (opens new window) .