Attendance and exclusions

Attendance and exclusions

Attendance and exclusions, agreeing a part time timetable and attendance plans for a child in care (CiC).


Children in Care (CiC) can sometimes be prone to missing education because of disruption in their lives.

The attendance of CiC is monitored by the Department for Education (DfE). Bristol has to report on any CiC missing 38 sessions or more of schooling for any reason in one academic year.

As with all other children, it's important that CiC do not take holidays in term-time unless in exceptional circumstances.

Agreeing a part-time timetable for a CiC

CiC are sometimes put on to part-time timetables without us knowing. We're keen to improve the support given to these CiC so they can access full-time education, in line with government expectations.

The process was originally discussed at meetings of the secondary Heads, Inclusion Managers and Fair Access Panel and was agreed by the Education Strategy Group

Part-time timetable

If you're considering a temporarily reduced timetable for a child in care, you should refer to our reintegration plan flowchart. (pdf, 284KB) (opens new window)   Before you make any significant changes to a pupil’s provision, contact The HOPE lead for that pupil.  

If a reduced timetable is agreed, you should also use the reintegration plan and review form (word doc, 57KB) (opens new window) . Review meetings should be held within six weeks until the pupil returns to full-time provision.  

Attendance plan

Monitoring reports on attendance are made six times a year. You should ensure that you have a system in place to identify the students who meet the persistent absence (PA) criteria each term and to draw up an attendance plan for each PA student.

Your attendance plan needs to be shared with all key people, including the child’s carer and social worker, who should be part of the meeting to pull the plan together.

Your Designated Teacher will be asked to send copies of the attendance plan for all your PA students to The HOPE.

When data is monitored we will be able to cross reference the attendance plans to the students we report on who meet the PA criteria.


Children in care are more likely to be at risk of exclusion as a group.

The statutory exclusions guidance published by the DfE states that schools are expected to:

  • Proactively support and co-operate with foster carers and the local authority as a corporate parent in doing everything possible to avoid excluding a CiC.
  • Put in place strategies to reduce the need for exclusion. Permanent exclusion of CiC should be an absolute last resort.
  • Discuss with the local authority to ensure that there is suitable alternative provision available elsewhere from the first day of the exclusion prior to excluding a CiC.

Read our agreed protocol and process on exclusions (pdf, 44KB) (opens new window) .

Children Missing Education

We have produced a document on children missing education.

It states that schools must consult The HOPE Virtual School for Children in Care before making any amendments to the school roll of a young person in care.