Schools opening to more pupils from 1 June

Schools opening to more pupils from 1 June

When early years, schools, special schools and post-16 education settings are reopening and how they’re doing it.

Reopening priorities

All schools and childcare providers will continue to offer places to vulnerable children and children of critical workers.

The availability of places for other children will be different depending on each school’s circumstances so you must contact your child’s school directly to discuss their opening arrangements.

Guidance for parents about schools and settings opening for wider groups of pupils (GOV.UK)

From 1 June early years’ settings and primary schools can reopen:

  • nurseries and other early year providers, including childminders, can begin welcoming back all children 
  • primary schools can welcome back children in nursery (where they have them), reception, year 1 and year 6
  • alternative provision can begin welcoming back children in reception, year 1 and year 6

From 15 June other settings can offer some face to face  support:

  • secondary schools, sixth form and further education colleges can begin face to face support with year 10 and 12 pupils, although these pupils will not return on a full-time basis at this stage
  • alternative provision can begin face to face support with year 10 and 11 pupils (as they have no year 12)

Special schools, special post-16 institutions and hospital schools are working towards a phased return of more children and young people without a focus on specific year groups and informed by risk assessments. 

Priority is for vulnerable children

The children that schools have been offering places to since March remain the highest priority groups. They are:

Vulnerable children are:

  • children who have a social worker, such as: children in need, children who have a child protection plan and those who are looked after by the local authority.
  • children with education, health and care (EHC) plans, and children who have sent in a request for a EHCP needs assessment