Social networking for vulnerable people: Bristol and Me

Bristol and Me is a way for you to meet people and make new friends if you’re vulnerable.

The Bristol and Me social network gives support through a circle of trust. This allows you, your family, carers, schools and friends to confidently build social circles through scrapbooks, diaries, interests, event groups and the Find Friends tool.

Through the Bristol and me website, you can:

  • Build your own online profile
  • Instantly chat to your friends
  • Create or join local groups
  • Send updates on how you’re doing
  • Search for services in your area
  • Find old and new friends
  • Store pictures and videos
  • Send messages safely within the site
  • Create and book activities in your area
  • Update your diary

How to sign up

You can join the Adult network (age 18 plus) using the ‘Adults join here’ button on the Bristol and Me website. You'll need a valid email address.

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