Disabled children services

Services we can provide

The Disabled Children Service provides a range of assessments and services for disabled children in Bristol, who have needs arising from their impairment which cannot be met by services available to all children.

  Services provided include:

  • Advice and information on services available in the community to meet the needs of disabled children, their parents and carers
  • Social work assessment and plan to address particular needs arising from the child/young person’s impairment.
  • Providing support for the young person and family.
  • occupational therapy assessment services
  • community, family, and residential based short breaks
  • advice and assistance to access inclusive play and leisure facilities


Some children find it harder to learn than other children of the same age.

Children who are finding learning difficult are supported by their teachers, or with some extra help in school.

A few children have more complicated learning difficulties, and may need extra help or equipment in school to help them access an appropriate education.

Special educational support

The law says that children have special educational needs if they have a learning difficulty which calls for special educational provision to be made for them." (1996 Education Act).

About one in five children may have special educational needs of some kind. Some children may have special educational needs for a relatively short time; others will have special educational needs right through their education.

Most children with special educational needs will have appropriate provision made for them by their school, working with parents.

Sometimes the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team may become involved in helping the school to provide the support needed. For details of Special Schools, which are set up to deal with children with special educational needs, can be found on our school finder.

Findability News

Findability is an on line directory for disabled children and their families, listing thousands of organisations and events in one place.

Findability is supported by:

Findability News replaces the ‘Disability Register Newsletter’ and the ‘Aiming High’ newsletter.

Other services

Help with travel to short break activities (pdf, 145 KB) (opens new window) (pdf, 145k) (opens new window)

CYPS in partnership with NHS Bristol are working towards the Every Disabled Child Matters Charter
For more information visit the  Every Disabled Child Matters website.

Find out about the The Transitions Information Service which helps young people with additional support needs in the ‘transition’ to adult life and services.

Contact information

Disabled Children Services

5 Knowle West Health Park

Downton Road


Bristol, BS4 1WH

Opening Hours

Email: disabledchildren@bristol.gov.uk

Tel: 0117 903 8250

Text phone: 0117 903 8255

Fax: 0117 903 8254